How to use CBD

If you are wondering how to take CBD, there are a few things you need to consider

That’s why we’ve created this ‘how to take’ guide for beginners and pros alike – featuring tips on using an oil, a capsule, gummy or a soothing muscle balm.

Before you get started, we recommend downloading our 7-day CBD diary to keep track of your daily dosage and how it makes you feel.

CBD Desired Effect

Desired effect

What are you hoping to achieve by using CBD? Reduce anxiety, aid recovery, general wellbeing. CBD has numerous uses, but understanding your needs helps to make the best choice.

CBD Product Types

Product Types

CBD products come in various forms, from sprays and tinctures to balms and foods. Each product can deliver CBD into the body differently depending on their focus. 

CBD Dosage


Dosage recommendations can vary from person to person so it is best to start small and building up to find your ideal dose. To assist you, we offer a Dosage Calculator on our product pages or you can talk to us on live chat.

How to use CBD Sprays

CBD Sprays are known for taking effect quicker than CBD Oils & other CBD products.

We are also proud that due to Biozorb, our Cloud Sprays deliver CBD even faster.

That’s because you apply it sublingually, which means you spray it directly underneath your tongue. Hold it there for around 30 seconds before you swallow, by which time it will have absorbed through the mucous membrane and fast track to the bodies cannabinoid system.

Unlike CBD Oils which can have an unpleasant hemp taste, our Cloud Sprays use Biozorb as a carrier which is a light, naturally flavoured mist, for a cleaner, brighter and more refreshing taste.

Shown here is the 750mg Cloud Spray; a good place to start using our flagship CBD Sprays.

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Finding your CBD dosage

CBD effects vary depending on genetics and your lifestyle., so it is important to personalise your dosage based on how you respond. We recommend you try our Dosage Calculator to specify the recommended daily MG and to start with a low application and build up gradually. You can then find a level that works for you.

The 'right' amount of CBD is the one that gives you the desired effect. We find the perfect start to any CBD journey is the 750mg Cloud Spray in combination with our Dosage Calculator to assist you with a daily MG intake. This is a lower strength CBD spray which gives you smaller doses of CBD per spray, allowing you to better tailor your dosage in the beginning. When you are ready to increase, move to the 1500mg Cloud Spray and so on, until you've found your ideal CBD choice.

CBD Dosage Calculator

When to use CBD

There is no correct time as to 'when is the best time to use CBD?', due to the various benefits of CBD, you can use it with a routine, or when required, depending on how you are feeling with mood & wellbeing.


Improve Productivity

Starting your day with CBD can make you more productive. Whilst it won't give you a jolt of energy like coffee, it does aid a healthy mindful balance which improves focus.

Promote a Healthy Appetite

Many people skip eating breakfast and miss out on the nutrition and energy the body & mind needs to be optimal. Taking CBD helps to boost your appetite and when combined with a healthy, energy-filled breakfast, promotes a fulfilling lifestyle.


CBD can help to stimulate your muscles before a workout and afterwards, promote a healthy inflammatory response to aid with sore muscles and aches.

CBD can also be applied topically on painful muscles and joints to provide relief and help improve your workout performance.


We all face challenging moments in our day; some bad news, a tedious meeting, a busy commute, a worry that won’t go away… These are stresses we all experience. CBD is used by many as a self-care staple – for on-the-go moment just when you need it. Our globally unique carrier solution means you get the effects of CBD faster than any Oil based CBD product on the market and 4 x more CBD per actuation.

Evening & Night


CBD does not have a sedative effect like THC, but it does help to calm your mind after a long, hectic day.

Healthy Sleep

CBD regulates the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol affects non-REM sleep cycles, and research shows that CBD can treat anxiety-related disorders, improving the quality of sleep.