Our story

It all started with a formular

In 2020, ISOMIST launched a CBD game changer in the from of a revolutionary CBD carrier solution called Biozorb. Our team of scientists and wellness experts came together to achieve one goal; replace hemp oil as the carrier for CBD to create products that allow more CBD to enter the body. Each of us was fuelled by passion and our personal experiences with CBD. Now, we want to show you & others what Biozorb & CBD can really do.

For our CEO and co-founder, Craig Davies, who has a background in biotech, when working with his mentor the late Tom Chapman, inventor of Sativex, Craig discovered he could atomise high quality CBD into a new carrier solution with huge benefits.

Chris Nutbeen - CMO had previously used cannabinoid therapy to help balance a healthier, happier life, as he juggled work & family.

Then when the team completed the launch of Biozord with Operations Director Nigel Kearse at the helm, the next journey was to create industry leading CBD sprays to make full use of Biozorb.

About us image
About us image

They, along with the rest of our team, built ISOMIST on the belief that the CBD industry needed innovative science to unleash the full power of CBD. So that's exactly what we did.

We sourced the highest quality hemp, using new, cutting-edge technology and combined this with our CBD carrier solution.

The result was a CBD range of products that scientifically raised the bar for all other CBD companies, promoting better bioavailability, more CBD per actuation and better value.

This is only the start as we continue to create new, leading CBD essential products that will improve your lives.

Why Choose ISOMIST?

There is no correct time as to 'when is the best time to use CBD?', due to the various benefits of CBD, you can use it with a routine, or when required, depending on how you are feeling with mood & wellbeing.

Pure Plant Extract

Our products include only the highest quality purified CBD. In combination with Biozord your body benefits from more of the CBD.


Pharmaceutically prepared certified ZERO THC, Non-GMO & Lab tested, so it’s guaranteed, totally legal to buy and consume, safe to use and with no psychoactive properties.

Triple-Lab Tested

Test once, twice and three times to ensure we only deliver the best quality CBD products to you.

Biozorb Carrier Solution

We do not use hemp oil as a carrier for CBD as it is very inefficient and wasteful. Instead we use our patented formulation Biozorb which increases yield, absorption and can hold more CBD while still atomising a mist spray.

Easy to Use

No one has time to waste with difficult products. No messy tinctures, no safety concerns. Our child-proof locking sprays deliver a precise dose of CBD per spray, quickly & effectively.

Backed by Scientists

Behind the ISOMIST team is our Scientific Advisory Board and UK CBD manufacturers supporting our a world class team of CBD opinion leaders in and cannabinoid therapies.

Their combined experience spans mental health, chronic pain, neurology and CBD formulations, our advisors know everything there is to know about CBD.

As well as helping us to create our premium CBD products, they also contribute their insight and knowledge to Our Journal. There you'll find all of your biggest CBD questions answered, along with tips and tricks to support your overall wellbeing.

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