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Highly concentrated CBD delivering an exact dose of broad spectrum CBD.


Boost Your Immunity

A powerful vitamin concentrate to aid your bodies natural Immune System.

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Micro Atomizer

The Micro Atomizer is travel safe & ideal for those who are new to CBD.

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Sprays vs Tinctures!

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Not a tinture in sight

ISOMIST™ Cloud Sprays deliver an accurate dosage per spray which absorbs under the tongue for fast, effective CBD delivery. Unlike every oil based tincture, ISOMIST™ is powered by Biozorb a unique CBD carrier which atomises the spray into a fine mist, making Isomist 4x more effective. So fuel your body with what it wants: a balanced, accurate amount of CBD.

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The only CBD you'll ever need

Save wasting your daily CBD dosage by replacing with ISOMIST™. No more wasted CBD. And no more awful tasting oil based tinctures. Just keep Isomist on your desk, pocket, bag or in your car. Feel the effects with each spray and get back to what you were doing.

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6 Reasons why ISOMIST™ is better

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High Absorption

The compounds within Biozorb enable rapid absorption and unparalleled bio availability in fine a mist directly into the body via the mouths mucas membrane.


0% THC & Non-GMO

Pharmaceutically prepared certified ZERO THC, Non-GMO & Lab tested, so it’s guaranteed, totally legal to buy and consume, safe to use and with no psychoactive properties.


4x Bioavailability

Due to Biozorb, ISOMIST™ Cloud Spray has 4x more bioavailability than a tincture meaning more CBD can actually enter the bodies endocannabinoid system (EPS) than standard thicker tincture oils.


Cloud Spray

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Quality Ingredients

High-quality sourcing of certified organic CBD concentrates from the worlds leading supplier based in Oregon USA guarantee consumers a trusted finished daily CBD product.


Ease & Value

The concentration of CBD per spray combined with the bioavailability, delivers a significantly higher absorbed dose. The spray facilitates the use ‘On the go’, unlike thicker CBD oils with outdated delivery systems.


Accurate Dosage

Our spray is an accurate cloud mist meaning it delivers a precise dosage per actuation so you can tailor your plan and dosage to suit your requirements.


The key ingredient that makes ISOMIST™ Cloud Spray globally unique.


What is Biozorb?

Biozorb is a new carrier solution developed by ISOMIST to replace the oils currently used in CBD tinctures. This CBD carrier allows for a much greater volume of broad-spectrum CBD distillate per atomised spray.

Why is Biozorb better?

Biozorb is the only carrier that can provide an atomised spray of CBD distillate, which is more effective at delivering CBD into the bodies Cannabinoids with less waste. Offering better strengths and better value than other CBD products.

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